Welcome to the number one, 100%, completely FREE Afrikaans online dating site. No membership fees, ever. Chat to more than 200,000 Afrikaans members, and counting. Our site has been in existence since 2009, and has brought tens of thousands of couples together. We have people from all walks of life on our site, from professional guys to students, farmers and business owners. Because our site only operates in South Africa, you can be confident that our members are real, local people like yourself, who look like you and speak your language. We speak your language!

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Afrikaans Chats and Dating

Chat with and meet up with over 200,000 people on ours site. We have more Afrikaans members than any other site, with new members joining every day. Ons lede lyk soos jy en praat jou taal. Think of this site as Tinder for Afrikaans people.

Trusted in Dating

We have been in operation since 2009.  Our site's use of Afrikaans helps to avoid many of the issues other sites have with overseas profiles only  pretending to be in South Africa. We constantly monitor our site and take steps to ensure our members are safe.

Totally Free, Forever

Registering your profile is completely free and you do not require a credit card to create your free profile. You will never pay any membership fees on this side, ever. No nonsense about a limited number of interactions or monthly subscription. There is no catch. This site is permanently, totally free and you will never pay a cent here.


Totally, Completely Free Dating

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